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Conveyancing For Cash Buyers | Homebuyer Conveyancing

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Cash Buyers - Buying property for cash - Need a fast Conveyancing Solicitors completion?

Selling your home - The perfect world a Cash Buyer makes you an offer!

Selling your home and thinking of downsizing? Then you could be in a perfect position to negotiate hard on your next property purchase as you can be a cash buyer. The vendor may want a fast sale and he will want to strike a deal with you. This is a way of negotiating a property discount.



Cash buyers own their property outright. They have no mortgage loan.

Find your Conveyancer quote on Homebuyer.

Sometimes buying with cash helps when you are looking at auction property or repossession property. Both types can command a discount for Buy to Let Buyers or Homebuyers who have the ready cash available. They will need to act fast and have their conveyancing Solicitor at the ready.


Investors can cut corners when it comes to buying with cash but we feel that more due diligence should be undertaken. Investor or Homebuyer cash buyers may not use a valuer. Valuers check on behalf of the mortgage lender if the property is worth what your have offered. Not having a valuer puts Investors and Homebuyers in a difficult position. Consider still using the services of an impartial Valuer even if you are buying with cash. You can get cash buyer conveyancing fees using our online instant conveyancing quote calculator.

Why not use the experience of a Mortgage Lender and then before conveyancing completion decide if you want to pay cash or not.

Cash buyers can act fast and complete within days. So many companies offer to buy you property for cash. They do this because they know that if you need a fast sale, that you maybe in some kind of trouble. With this in mind they offer a low market price for your property. It is not uncommon to get less than 80% of your market value.

Using a nominated Conveyancing Solicitor from the cash buying firm isn't impartial. The Solicitor must act for you and should not be associated with the Seller.

Compare Conveyancers quotes, accurate costs in an instant with us.

Use our fixed fee Conveyancers pricing to help you control your costs budget.

Check out what your property is worth by carrying out comparable property price research and compare online Conveyancing Solicitors quotes to establish a conveyancing Solicitors cost budget.

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