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Thursday, 23 January 2020 14:03

Intelligent Conveyancing Source, High IQ Then Index Our Page

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Our Intelligent Conveyancing Source Is What You Need, With No Hidden Fees

The Intelligent Source For High IQ Conveyancing, Index Our Page Today

We all want our chosen High IQ Conveyancing Solicitor to have the commitment to quickly understand how long our conveyance will take.

To guide you the Client to understand what's involved is key to getting the job done.

Compare High IQ Conveyancing Solicitors in just a few seconds.


Not ready then please bookmark / index our conveyancing comparison service.

We provide the intelligent sourcing calculator conveyancing tools for you to search for your best value high IQ Conveyancer by price, location and by Mortgage Lender.

It pays to compare online without entering any personal details. Then when ready revisit the website by clicking the bookmarked page or simply remember Homebuyer Conveyancing.

When you take a purchase quote away you will notice that we detail in the pricing a "We Help You Too" search pack.

This pack includes a chancel search and an all important search pledge all provided by Onesearch Direct our search specialist.

We want you to progress rapidly to an exchange of contracts, You no longer have to wait for the Survey results before your Solicitor applies for searches.

You Can Get Moving Instantly

If the Survey comes back unfavourably and you decide to pull out, then another set of searches for your next property will be provided for Free up to a value of £300.

The top tips when buying and selling property are:-

1) Be in the driving seat and instruct a Solicitor before offer acceptance stage

2) Go for a Solicitor that is already approved by your Lender. (Filter results by Lender)

3) Instruct a Solicitor that provides a fixed fee Conveyancing quote.

3) When an offer is about to be accepted try and find out if the parties involved can hit an early and achievable exchange date.

4) You and your Solicitors email and phone details are correct. Ask all parties to test them if you can

5) If you are selling property be careful about reducing the price when the Buyers Survey results come through.

You may decide to have works done yourself. This puts you in a better driving seat should your Buyer pull out.

6) Agree with your chosen Solicitor when they will update you. Choose a day other than a Friday.

On instruction your Homebuyer Solicitor will send out a Client care pack and terms of engagement. 

On receipt please return the signed terms if you want to proceed together with any other requested information.

Ideally scan and post this information together with a follow up call.

That way you know that the conveyance can begin.

The appointed Lender approved Solicitor will carry out ID checks.

A smooth conveyance can happen as we provide a great opportunity to search from many High Street Solicitors based across the UK.

When ready take a quote away and schedule a direct call back.

Change is happening and it will get easier to stop gazumping.

Significant steps are being taken to provide a fully integrated digital conveyancing process.

Trials for reservation agreements and a reduced Hip report on new properties is being planned. 

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