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Conveyancing Enquiry | Homebuyer Conveyancing

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We manage many conveyancing enquiries each day. if you are on the move, in a car then please do call us on 0345 463 7664

Conveyancing Enquiry

If you are buying, selling or remortgaging property then you may have a enquiry or several questions to ask.

You can use the Homebuyer costs calculator to compare accurate, fully detailed quotes from members of the Homebuyer panel. You can filter your results by price, local and by approved Mortgage Solicitor Lender.

It pays to get the right Conveyancer first time, so please do establish from your Lender if you need to use an approved Lawyer that is on the Mortgage lender panel.

When you are ready you can take a quote away and schedule a call where you can then ask your questions.

If however you need a second opinion on which Solicitor to choose then please do call us on 0345 463 7664.

Conveyancer Enquiries.

Your instructed Solicitor may have additional Conveyancing data services enquiries about your property but initially they will send to you on instruction a Client care pack and terms of engagement. Please do complete the forms promptly and return so that your conveyance can begin.

Complex Conveyancing Process

The legal process is made easier if you use the same Lawyer for your sale and purchase. You can do that online using the Homebuyer sale and purchase conveyancing calculator. Please do remember to filter your results by the Mortgage Lender that you are hoping to use for your next purchase.

Conveyancing is complex which is why to cover the many issues Conveyancers follow a due diligence process. Uncovering in a timely, controlled way if your property has any issues or if any planning applications, new roads will directly result in your house being worth less after you have bought it.

Use a Solicitor that is regulated by the SRA and some meet the requirements of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme. (CQS) If this is the case then they can display the CQS logo. To be sure you can visit the Law Society website and check that they have bee awarded the CQS accreditation, qualification.

Checkout your Lawyer and visit the Law Society website

Your Instructed Conveyancer

Your appointed, instructed Conveyancer works for you. It is worth establishing from the outset which days are best for you to contact the Solicitor for updates.

Many Homebuyers call on a Friday but this is known as completion day for Solicitors. Other days of the week are so much easier for the Conveyancer to spend valuable time on your case.

The complex legal process is made easier if paperwork is completed on time and returned. You may be still negotiating the price or searching for your next property but being ahead of the game will pay dividends.

So please consider appointing your Lawyer when you put your property for sale on the market.

Review Mortgage Lender Conveyancers fees

or call

0345 463 7664

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