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Estate Agents - Purplebricks, Tepilo, Emoov, House Simple All Online

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Online Estate Agents are attracting Home Sellers by driving business via TV marketing campaigns. Purplebricks, Tepilo, Emoov and House Simple are testing the market right now. 

Online Estate Agents use expensive TV campaigns to get the point across that Home Sellers can make significant savings by selling their home with them.

We have all seen the TV adverts from Purplebricks, Tepilo, Emoov and House Simple. Once proven other online agents will follow, although you do need to have a large marketing spend. Each Estate Agent goes that extra mile to demonstrate how simple it is to sell your house online and demonstrate the significant sales fee savings that can be made compared to using the Local High Street Estate Agent. 

Comparing Apples with Apples! 

We first need to know what the expected market sales price would be with a Local Estate Agent and what the price would be from an Online Agent. Then once we have that we can then compare the costs involved to achieve the sales price. If we new the achieved price then we could also take in to account the time it took to sell the property.

You want to use an Online Agent?

Claiming significant conveyancing savings sounds good but you need to do your homework on what you believe your house is worth. To do this you can use many valuation services, your local Estate Agent or a Valuation Surveyor should be able to help since Mortgage Lenders insist that a valuation is instructed once an offer has been accepted. Review local property pricing and visit Zoopla that store sales prices that have completed. Establish an upper and lower property sales price that you wish to work with.


If you are thinking of selling your home or Buy to Let then use the Homebuyer calculator where in just one search you can compare fixed fees for your conveyancing with the added advantage of choosing a Solicitor by price, location and by Mortgage Lender. No personal details are required.

You can at the same time estimate the approx purchase price of your next property. Compare combined sale and purchase quotes. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Budget for your conveyance and use our service to then instruct your chosen Conveyancer.

Book a call to discuss your conveyance quote and to ask any questions that you may have.

Why the move to Online?

Initially its all about the costs involved to get your property on the market. Agents itemise all the stages of the sales process and identified how they can help you sell your property. Their online tools provide the basis to budget for your move and to put you in touch with Key professionals.

Local Estate Agents need to show what they have got that is different to online and some do. They may have a better handle on the local property market. They may have a buyer in the wings that will pay your high price. It could be that face to face sales in your area does indeed attract the best fit Homebuyers and Investors. Whatever you choose its simply weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of Agent sales v your Local Estate Agent.

Important Point

Your local Estate Agent may upload your property details to Rightmove, Zoopla or On the Market. Your agent may also use the same key property websites. That means that both sales outlets are appealing to the same website Visitors.

Decided to sell your property?


0345 463 7664

Use Homebuyer quotes that detail your Mortgage Solicitors fees for your sale, purchase or remortgage. Filter your results and find your Solicitor that is on your approved Conveyancer Lender panel list.

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